Benefit Cosmetics breaks new ground, scores a hit, with Send Me a Sample voice campaign

Cosmetics maker Benefit Cosmetics recently launched its first voice-led campaign with Send Me A Sample, making it the first cosmetics brand in the UK to do so.

Consumers were served ads with the Send Me A Sample call to action, which prompted them to request a sample of Benefit’s POREfessional primer via Google Assistant or Alexa. It’s the first time the UK cosmetics brand has used Voice to get its product into the hands of consumers.

By using Send Me A Sample, Benefit Cosmetics will accrue a wealth of customer data (the average opt-in rate is 50 per cent, with most brands offering a minimum of 10,000 samples).

The campaign, which used Facebook ads to target Benefit Cosmetics shoppers with a high propensity to buy, was booked in for a number of weeks. However, due to the unprecedented demand, 100% redemption was achieved within three days. Within the first two hours alone, 6,500 samples were requested.

A spokesperson for Benefit Cosmetics said: “Sampling is essential for us as a way to raise awareness of specific products and increase brand loyalty. While essential, it can also be problematic, as it’s not always easy to get key insights into who you’re sampling with and to be able to follow up.

“This opportunity with Send Me A Sample has opened a route that was never available before; to drive in-home product trial via voice. Using voice in this way has allowed us as a brand to collect key marketing data at scale, allowing us to harness that data to build future relationships and create strong brand affinity. It’s amazing to say that we are the first cosmetics brand in the UK to drive product trial in such a new, innovative way.”

Send Me A Sample co-founder, Will Glynn-Jones, believes the real value of voice-led campaigns comes from the collection of data from users who opt-in and who have tried the product at brand level. He said: “This wealth of data can play a crucial role when it comes to brands re-targeting and building ongoing relationship with consumers. Voice should never just be a gimmicky look at us, were doing something new. It should be integrated from the beginning of any campaign and used in a way that reduces friction for customers and allows brands to access data that can help them deliver exactly what consumers want.”