BenQ Goes Football Crazy

FootballMobile media company Enpocket has launched Total Football, which puts detailed football stats and scores at football fans fingertips, via a range of BenQ-Siemens handsets.
The application is powered by the Enpocket Content Engine and offers real-time access to scores, league tables and detailed profiles of teams and players from over 40 leagues across 29 countries, as well as information on tournaments such as the upcoming Fifa World Cup 2006 and the UEFA Champions league.
Total Football is a Java application that sits in the handsets menu. By selecting an option from the main menu, users can dynamically access information on players and teams, including career histories, top scorer charts and team head-to-head stats. Data is supplied by Touchline Data Systems, which provides football information to the media, the professional football community and online betting companies.
The application is available in 15 languages, and can be downloaded for a wide range of BenQ-Siemens handsets from the mobile internet site: BenQ Mobile is also giving away a free download to visitors to its stand at the CeBIT show, currently taking place in Hannover.
Soccer is not just for Saturdays says BenQ Mobile CEO, Clemens Joos. Football fans want access to information on their phones anywhere, anytime. Customers are increasingly looking to explore their handsets capabilities beyond making voice calls.  Enpockets Total Football enables us to offer even more for the mobile.
For Enpocket, CEO and President, Mike Baker adds:
The Total Football service is a great example of how a leading brand is successfully using mobile marketing to connect with consumers interests and passions. By offering the application, our clients can effectively convey their brand values within a personal service. 
BenQ Mobile will begin  promoting Total Football on its web site next month, and will preload the application on handsets to be launched across various markets later this year.