Bentley hires TikTok music star JAE5 on ad campaign for limited-edition supercar

Tim Green

File this one under 'aspirational' – Bentley has just unveiled a TikTok campaign to promote its Mulliner Batur supercar, which costs £2 million.

The luxury car maker is working with music producer JAE5 on the project. He's best known for his work with Dave, J Hus and Burna Boy. The ads have been created specially for TikTok, and one of them invites emerging artists and producers to re-mix the JAE5 soundtrack using TikTok's Duet function.

The ads will be running on the Bentley Motors (@bentleymotors) TikTok profile throughout December. But for Bentley this is all an experiment in branding. Why? Because all 18 Mulliner Baturs have already sold.

Angelos Sfakianakis, Bentley’s Global Social Manager, said: “The Batur heralds the start of a seminal, future-facing era for Bentley, so to partner with a producer as talented as JAE5 and take the Batur to new audiences on TikTok felt like a natural fit.”

For TikTok, the campaign reflects its growing status as a destination for luxury brands. It says Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, BMW, Ferrari are all ramping up their presence on the platform, and that the autos category has experienced more than 4000 percent growth over the past year. Meanwhile Bentley says its TikTok account has climbed to almost one million followers.