BetFred To Power Mobile Campaigns With OtherLevels

screen568x568Gambling website BetFred has chosen mobile marketing and analytics platform OtherLevels to power its native mobile messaging campaigns.

One of the UKs oldest sports bookmaking companies, Betfred has 1,300 retail locations and 100,000 subscribed players for its online gambling site. It manages tens of thousands of bets placed daily, either in location, via its website or through its portfolio of gaming apps.

“In gaming, and especially sports betting, delivering the right message to an engaged user at the right time is critical for success,” said James Shaw, head of retention at Betfred. “Delivering a message to our players to incentivise them to make a wager on an upcoming match just before kickoff or even at half-time isnt quite as straightforward as it may seem. In order for a campaign to be successful it requires we know what sporting categories the player likes, the events he or she follows, and their previous wagering activity.

“For example, we can send half-time messages to recent, active bettors who may not have responded to our pre-game message, while at the same time not disturbing those who did respond. This not only increases our overall ROI in terms of real measurable result, but it is a sophisticated, customer-friendly approach that is unmatched in the UK.”

Utilising the platform provided by OtherLevels will offer BetFred the opportunity to improve its messaging by segmenting its audience and targeting and retargeting players with native ads based on real, measurable actions. The business intelligence tools OtherLevels will integrate with BetFreds systems enable players actions in other channels such as email and SMS to be taken into account, leading to more intelligent messaging and campaigns.

“Mobile is an ideal platform for sports betting and wagering, but we were tasked with helping Betfred accelerate their mobile efforts and bring them up to par with a well established email and SMS program,” said Ramsey Masri, CEO of OtherLevels. “So the challenge was complicated and layered. Mobile devices can deliver news that is critical to making good bets in a timely fashion. However, that insight has to be actionable and incentivised through well-tested and well-timed notifications.”