BidMyBill Auctions Mobile Contracts has launched the world’s first mobile bill auction website, in the UK. The site automates customer retentions and generates new sales through active bidding on renewable contracts.

Bid My Bill gathers historic billing information from consumer and business users, then summarises those minutes, texts and data usage in an online auction. Any phone reseller can then bid on the customer renewal contract; and after seven days, the customer chooses the best offer. Bid My Bill then connects both parties to complete the deal.

For business resellers, it means no more travelling to customers in person to study bills. All historic data is displayed in the online dashboard. The site also enables networks to automate customer retentions through a website instead of cold-calling. Bid My Bill says the service is 10 times more effective and cheaper than lead generation websites, as the phone company pays a smaller fee, and only pays if it wins the auction.

“The aim for Bid My Bill was to make it simpler and cheaper for phone companies to connect to phone users,” says CEO, Dave Bell. “We took old manual systems and applied the latest web technologies to create something so much more advanced than whats currently available. Now any phone company can see the billing history of phone users, without travelling, and acquire that customer at a fraction of the cost.”  

Bid My Bill is offersing a free trial of the service for phone companies, with 1,000 free bidding credits worth £100. You can sign up for the trial here.