BidsCube partners with Pixalate to combat ad fraud

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BidsCube, a full-stack programmatic advertising company, has unveiled its strategic collaboration with Pixalate, a leading platform specialising in ad fraud protection, privacy, and compliance analytics.

The partnership aims to address the growing concerns surrounding ad fraud within the programmatic advertising space, providing publishers and advertisers with a more secure and trustworthy environment.

As a result, the collaboration reinforces BidsCube’s dedication to providing safe and compliant programmatic advertising solutions that align with the needs of the digital advertising industry.

BidsCube CEO Dmytro Chebakov said: “As the programmatic advertising continues to evolve, addressing ad fraud and ensuring transparency has become paramount for success.

Our collaboration with Pixalate reflects our commitment to delivering trustworthy and secure programmatic advertising solutions. By integrating Pixalate’s advanced ad fraud protection tools, we are taking a substantial step towards creating a more transparent ecosystem that benefits advertisers and publishers.”

Pixalate’s sophisticated tools for protecting against ad fraud will smoothly integrate into BidsCube’s programmatic ecosystem, enhancing the company’s comprehensive quality approach powered by AI and machine learning.

The partnership is also designed to improve the overall transparency of programmatic advertising, ensuring that BidsCube partners get the value they expect while holding the integrity of the digital ecosystem.

Pixalate CEO Jalal Nasir added: “Our partnership with BidsCube provides their customers with comprehensive fraud detection and prevention solutions.

“We are encouraged by their proactive approach in creating a programmatic advertising ecosystem built on transparency, efficiency, and quality.”