BillMobile Brings Digital Mobile Payment to All

Competition_iPhoneBillMobile has launched for online and digital retailers, offering mobile payment from UK phones without an app. The company is enabling retailers to easily integrate mobile payment into their existing checkout structure, and giving customers a quick and easy method of paying for products.

According to BillMobile, consumers with mobile phones outnumber those with credit cards, meaning that mobile payment is an increasingly useful way for merchants to charge for items. The company will enable customers to pay by simply entering their phone number, with no need for an app and a far faster payment process than entering a credit card. The money will then be added to their mobile bill, for customers with contracts, or deducted from their credit for pay-as-you-go phones.

For retailers, BillMobile offers a chance to increase the number of potential online customers and avoid checkout abandonment, with a lower transaction fee than app stores 30 per cent. The company has already lined up a number of live clients, and is in the process of setting up more.

“Mobile is the most widely available form of payment and consumers love it, so it makes sense for merchants to add a mobile option at checkout” said Chris Newell, CEO of BillMobile.

“The UKs mobile operators have worked really hard to make this happen. Thats because they see the long-term opportunities that charge to mobile provides. Consumers want to use it and now merchants can offer it knowing that the transaction fees are the lowest theyve ever been.”