Bing teams up with Samsung on 3D ads

Bing Samsung 3D adBing Ads has teamed up with Samsung and Starcom to develop 3D display ads that are presented when people are searching for Samsung Galaxy devices using the Bing search engine, marking the first time that 3D ads have been created for desktop search.

When consumers search for the Samsung Galaxy S10 or S9 via desktop, an option for a 3D ad unit appears. The ad expands into the full size of the screen and can be manipulated by rotating and zooming in on the image.

The ad enables the user to see every element of the Samsung device clearly from the comfort of behind their computer screen and click on the image to get produce information.

 “We are hugely excited about this innovation in search advertising and what it means for the consumer experience,” said Ravleen Beeston, UK head of sales at Microsoft Search Advertising. “This has been a significant piece of collaboration between Bing, Samsung and Starcom to create this industry-first. These new 3D ads, unique to Bing, herald a new era of search advertising when it comes to displaying products through desktop search since they complement and enhance the experience for consumers looking to engage with a product.”

Michael Durey, performance marketing lead at Samsung, added: “With these new 3D ads, we are bringing the in-store experience of getting hands-on with a device to the digital domain, allowing consumers to explore the Samsung Galaxy S10 and its features in all its glory no matter where they are.”