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More people can now operate their own fleet of e-scooters

Alyssa Clementi

E-scooter supplier Bird is bringing its Bird Platform program to New Zealand, Canada, and Latin America, enabling local independent operators to buy and manage their own fleet of electronic vehicles. Using Bird Platform, anyone can purchase e-scooters at cost, and then create their own local business and set pricing for renting the e-scooters out.

Bird aims to reduce car usage and carbon emissions with its shared e-scooters, which can be found and paid for using the Bird app. Bird Platform partners will receive branded vehicles, operating software and account management, and in exchange, Bird charges a service fee for each ride scooter ride.

“Thousands of entrepreneurs and local business owners have expressed interest in partnering with Bird and joining the movement to reduce car usage,” said Travis VanderZanden, founder and CEO of Bird. “Through Bird Platform we help empower independent entrepreneurs to bring environmentally-friendly transportation options to their community while investing in a sustainable future for everyone.”