Birdstep Unveils Seamless Roaming

Birdstep Technology has unveiled Seamless Roaming, a seamless connectivity service for users of the company’s SmartConnect solution on Nokia E- and N-Series handsets.

SmartConnect is a connection management utility for Nokia users. It enables users to specify their wireless network connection preferences, allowing them to benefit from increased bandwidth and cost savings. The solution is pre-loaded on a number of Nokia E-series devices, and is also available as a free download from Ovi Store. It is currently used by tens of thousands of people around the world every day.

Birdstep’s Seamless Roaming service enhances the SmartConnect user experience by allowing active connections to survive changes in network type and gaps in coverage. This is especially useful for users of VoIP, mobile TV or other operator services, says Birdstep, because they can now move freely between wi-fi and cellular networks, with no break in the connection.

SmartConnect users typically wish to prioritize a wi-fi network in their home or office so that more bandwidth-intensive services can be enjoyed reliably and cost-effectively. Birdstep notes that the huge increase in demand for mobile broadband data services has meant that many users suffer from unacceptably slow download speeds and have been looking for a way to offload their connections to wi-fi without losing their connectivity. The Seamless Roaming service addresses this specific requirement.
“Based on feedback from hundreds of SmartConnect users, the launch of this seamless roaming service provides Nokia device users with a mobile experience that they have never enjoyed before”, says Tim Carter, managing director, SafeMove, at Birdstep Technology. “Users can prioritize faster, more reliable wi-fi networks to get the best out of the latest range of operator services, as well as reduce their communications and data roaming costs. We see huge potential for this service because of the way in which it unites different wireless networks from the user’s point of view.”

Seamless Roaming is available to SmartConnect users in Europe via the Ovi Store. It is on offer at a promotional price of €10 (£8.40) until 31 December, 2010. There’s more information about the service and supported handsets here.