Bitdefender Clues App Users In

Antivirus solutions provider Bitdefender has launched its Clueful app for iOS, giving users an inside look at which of the apps on their handset are gathering more information than they should be.

Clueful displays which apps track a users location, drain battery, access the address book, and – perhaps a little concerningly for in-app advertisers – which hit users with ads. It uses audit information retrieved from the cloud, and can also be used to check out apps before installation.

“App developers can ask for, and receive, access to your precise location, your contact list and more information about you when you install their products on your phone,” says Alexandru Catalin Cosoi, chief security researcher at Bitdefender. “Your iPhone is probably the most personal device you own, holding vast amounts of information about what you do, who you are, and where you go. Clueful tells you what kinds of private information apps can access so you can make an informed decision whether to use that app.”