Bitdefender Launches Free Antivirus App for Android

Bitdefender has launched a free Antivirus app for Android handsets in a bid to combat the threat posed by malware on the platform.

The company found that malware on Android increased 27 per cent in the last six months, saying that the more common forms secretly dial premium rate numbers, steal passwords, spy on corporate emails and monitor virtually every activity on the device. The app uses in-the-cloud scanning to monitor threats in the app store and to prevent battery drain.

“We’ve seen an uncontrolled explosion in Android malware in the last year, so we’ve created a solution to counter that trend,” said Catalin Cosoi, chief security strategist at Bitdefender. “We would like to see it as widely employed as possible, so we made it easy to use, light on the battery and lethal to Android malware.”


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