Black Friday Beats Cyber Monday for Mobile Shopping

High-Street-UK-Chester-Shops-1024x682.jpgSales through mobile shopping apps saw significantly more activity on Black Friday than on Cyber Monday, generating 45 per cent more revenue on the former than on the latter, according to data collected by AppsFlyer.

In-app sessions for shopping apps were also up on Black Friday over Cyber Monday, to the tune of 25 per cent, and even shopping app installs were 32 per cent higher on Black Friday compared to Cyber Monday.

Compared to other Fridays in November, in-app revenue was up 240 per cent, while installs increased by 59 per cent and in-app sessions by 51 per cent. Gains in every category were more pronounced on Android compared to Apple, suggesting that customers with lower cost Android phones were more eager to take advantage of the savings available online.

“With retailers offering sales and promotions earlier this year than in years past – many starting on Thanksgiving day itself – it appears that by Cyber Monday many shoppers were worn out,” said Ran Avrahamy, head of marketing at AppsFlyer. “Many shoppers decided to stay home this Black Friday and shop from their comfort of their couches using their smartphones or tablet devices, but by the time Cyber Monday rolled around, they were back in their offices and ready to return to work.

“For retailers, the lesson for next year is to make sure they are optimizing the mobile experience and focusing their promotions more heavily on Black Friday than Cyber Monday.””