BlackBerry Acquires ScrOOn

Logo-BBM_Blackberry-MessengerBlackBerry has acquired social media startup ScrOOn, as part of an effort to further develop and monetise its BBM offering.

ScrOOns core proposition is the Social Media Console solution, which can be used by brands to handle their presence – including publication, moderation and analytics – across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media platforms.

Under this acquisition, the platform will be offered to brands using BBM Channels, the forthcoming social engagement element of the messaging app. Channels, which will also introduce ads to BBM, is a key part of BlackBerrys monetisation strategy.

The deal was first signed back in May, but has stayed under the radar while BlackBerry firmed up its ownership situation – which ended with the company abandoning its original plans to sell off to Fairfax Financial Holdings earlier this month.