Blackberry sues Twitter for patent infringement

Tyrone Stewart

BlackberryFormer smartphone maker Blackberry has filed a lawsuit against Twitter, accusing the social media company of infringing on patents relating to push notifications and mobile advertising, among other things.

In the lawsuit, Blackberry, which hails itself as a “pioneer” of mobile messaging and a “leading innovator” in the field of mobile communications, states that Twitter was using its intellectual property to make up for being a “relative latecomer to the mobile messaging world”.

It alleges that Twitter “created mobile messaging applications that co-opt Blackberry’s innovations, using a number of innovative user interface and functionality enhancing features that made Blackberry’s products such a critical and commercial success in the first place”.

Blackberry’s latest attempt to sue another company for the alleged use of its intellectual property is almost identical to the lawsuit it filed against Facebook almost a year ago. In that suit, Blackberry accused Facebook of infringing on its patents around “security, user interface, and functionality enhancing settings”.

Six months later, Facebook fired back at Blackberry with a complaint of its own relating to voice messaging technology. In the suit, Facebook accused Blackberry of infringing on its voice messaging technology as well as four other patents.