BlackBerrys Share of Global Smartphone Market Drops to Zero

  • Thursday, February 16th, 2017
  • Author: Tim Maytom
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The era of BlackBerry as a smartphone manufacturer appears to be at an end, with the companys global market share now officially less than a single percentage point.

According to a report into Q4 smartphone sales by Gartner, over 432m smartphones were sold across the world during the period. Of those, just 207,900 were BlackBerry devices running its own operating system, equating to a 0.0481 per cent share of the overall phone market.

BlackBerry also sells handsets that run Googles Android operating system, such as the DTEK60 and the Priv, which werent included in this figure, but the statistic appears to confirm that BlackBerrys once dominant position in the market is now truly a thing of the past.

In comparison to BlackBerrys position, smartphones running the Android OS make up 81.7 per cent of the global market, with 352.7m sales during Q4 2016, while Apples iOS sold 77m units, for a 17.9 per cent market share.

The overall global smartphone market grew by seven per cent year-on-year during Q4, with Apple passing Samsung to secure the position as the leading global smartphone vendor. In 2016 overall, smartphone sales totaled nearly 1.5bn units.

As its position as a smartphone manufacturer has declined, BlackBerry has attempted to pivot into enterprise solutions. Most recently, the firm has introduced a secure cloud-based communications platform for developers.

“We are constantly innovating and looking for ways to leverage our legacy and expertise in secure mobility to solve real business problems,” said Marty Beard, chief operating officer at BlackBerry.