Blis Launches Global Location-verified Ad Exchange

  • Thursday, September 15th, 2016
  • Author: Tim Maytom
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blis-480x370Location specialists Blis have unveiled a fully programmatic, location-verified ad exchange that will be available to advertisers, DSPs and publishers worldwide.

Blis Exchange will work with premium publishers and global exchanges to add precise location data to programmatically-traded inventory, providing marketers, agency trading desks and demand-side platforms with independently verified location-based impressions.

“The value of accurate and verified location data is clear,” said Greg Isbister, CEO of Blis. “Blis Exchange allows advertisers around the world access to value-enhancing data along with the marketplace to trade within. This will improve both the performance of location-based advertising, as well as creating an increase in publisher yield.”

The exchange operates across both mobile web and in-app inventory, enriching both formats with precise, verified location and audience data that can improve targeting and engagement.

Blis proprietary Smart Pin technology filters out inaccurate location data and provides advertisers with more confidence when they are planning and delivering campaigns, while its Smart Scale technology ensures both mobile web and desktop display impressions are enriched with accurate longitude and latitude data, increasing scale and reach.

While including location data based on IP address can increase mobile web yields for publishers by 20 to 40 per cent, the combination of Device ID and latitude/longitute data can boost yields by up to 275 per cent for publishers, with advertisers seeing a similar increase in results.

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