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Blis signs up for Location Sciences' location data verification service

David Murphy
Location targeting is a key tactic for retailers, but not all location data is as accurate as it is claimed to be

Location intelligence firm Blis has signed up to have its location data verified by independent location data verification and analytics company, Location Sciences.

Transparency and data accuracy are at the core of our business, underpinning everything we do,” said Blis CEO, Greg Isbister. “Our proprietary technology, Smart Pin, filters out over 80 per cent of the data received because it doesn’t meet our quality and accuracy standards. Our clients turn to us for high-quality data to better understand their customers and drive engagement and sales.

"Being independently recognised by Location Sciences, both for location data and signal quality accuracy, adds a valuable layer of impartial authentication for our customers. We’re proud to be the first in our industry to offer independently verified data on a global scale.”

Location Sciences CEO Mark Slade said the two companies are taking the lead globally in terms of bringing transparency to location data.

“In a market where suppliers can all claim to be experts in location, it’s our experience that the best are the first to embrace independent verification,” he said. “The adoption of Verify is testament to the quality of Blis’ platform and the data achieved near perfect scores (99 per cent) in our tests – once again showing that quality and accuracy in this sector can be achieved. Blis’ confidence in its data further demonstrates the open and honest approach it takes with its customers.”