Blis launches consumer behavioural analytics tool along with global retail study

Tyrone Stewart

Retail woman shopping clothes mobileLocation data technology company Blis has launched an analytics tool that enables marketers to analyse consumer behaviour through mobile movement data.

The tool, called ‘Smart Trends’, provides in-store behavioural insights and in-store comparison of location types and brands. It enables marketers to breakdown demographic, contextual, time, and device type analysis, while comparing behaviour of user groups side-by-side.

“Mobile movement data provided by Smart Trends plays a pivotal role in allowing brands to gain a fuller, richer view of their customer, such as where they go and how they interact with competitive brands,” said Greg Isbister, CEO and founder at Blis. “These insights can be used to make game changing strategic decisions about products they carry, store location and advertising campaigns.”

To show off the capabilities of Smart Trends, which has launched in beta, the company has also released a report giving a side-by-side behavioural comparison of user groups across four global brands – H&M, Topshop, Victoria’s Secret, and Zara – in seven countries – the UK, US, South Africa, UAE, Germany, Singapore, and Australia.

The study found that shoppers in the UK are most likely to visit the four retailers on weekdays from 4pm to 6pm, and 34 per cent of these shoppers were browsing style & fashion while in-store.

Further insights looking at footfall found in the study can be viewed in the infographic below.