Blismobile Reports Campaign Success

Blismobile Media, Europes biggest mobile media owner, has released results of what it describes as the UKs first fully integrated mobile out-of-the-home campaign, for the launch of The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassuss movie.
The national campaign ran across Blismobiles mobile media network, which includes train stations and some train services, such as the Gatwick express, across the country. It offered commuters the chance to download the film trailer via SMS, Bluetooth or the mobile Internet. Over the course of three weeks, the campaign was exposed to over 20 million commuters and delivered over 205,000 successful interactions, which amounts to 1% of successful engagements.
Because of Blismobiles zero wastage campaign structure, client Mediaedge: cia was charged only for each successful download with the mobile Internet build, SMS and Bluetooth elements all provided within this fee. In addition, MEC also received display exposure via various outdoor touchpoints.
Blismobile has channelled significant investment into developing Blis360, its multi-channel mobile media platform which creates content across the three major mobile media channels – SMS, Mobile Internet and Bluetooth media.
Our clients arent interested in specific mobile channels, for them its about outcomes and ROI, which is why we charge for successful interactions only, giving consumers the choice and delivering fully integrated campaigns with no production costs, which completely takes the risk out of mobile, says Blismobile Media Managing Director, Greg Isbister.
Ross Cunningham, Marketing Manager at film distributor Lionsgate, says this is the first time the company has used multiple mobile channels to support the launch of one of its films and that it is   very happy with the result. He says:
As part of the overall campaign, Blismobile helped us deliver a solid box office result. With 205,000 views of the trailer, mobile remains an integral element of our marketing strategy.