blue mobile Offers Real-time Data

Blue Systems, a London-based provider of global financial information software, has announced the launch of blue mobile, which it says is the worlds first low-cost market data software for mobile devices. The solution comes at a time of unprecedented interest in financial markets worldwide, the company says, and will benefit all mobile carriers who are relying on new applications beyond email to drive adoption of flat-rate data packages in both business and consumer markets.
blue mobile enables global real-time financial market data from stock exchanges, futures, options and currency markets, plus company news and financial information to be streamed to mobile devices, and to be viewed over low cost, intuitive, analytical software. It is the first professional-grade application to be priced for the mass market and has been designed to appeal to both the financial community and the emerging retail market for financial information investors who want real-time content but over a simple-to-use interface.
Released at a time when mobile operators worldwide are bringing to market lower cost flat-rate data tariffs, blue mobile aims to meet the latent demand in professional markets for financial information on the move.
Blue Systems says the application has been priced to become a must-have solution for the financial services community and is expected to appeal to mobile operators who are keen to see the adoption of flat-rate data tariffs, especially among the high ARPU financial services community, and prompt upgrades to Internet-compatible phones.
We spent five years developing a high quality desktop product using our own experience and with input from professional traders, and decided to take the best bits to build a mobile application, says Blue Systems CEO and Co-founder, Sulim Malook. blue mobile streams real-time prices, charts, news and company information to a mobile device and presents it in a very user-friendly format. We have also built in some exciting mobile features, like Instant Messenger, that will enable us to build a Skype-type community for financial market followers.
According to Maollk, blue mobile is a sticky application that has broad appeal both inside and beyond the financial community. 
Like BlackBerry, it is addictive and responds well to the telecoms industrys desire for relevant data-rich applications beyond email for vertical markets, he says. We have aggressive business development plans over the next two years and will partner with mobile operators, handset manufacturers and mobile distributors to reach a worldwide audience.
blue mobile is compatible with BlackBerry, Microsoft Windows Mobile and Symbian operating systems and works on all mobile networks offering 2.5G/GPRS speeds or above.  Blue Systems recommends a 1Gb/month data package, available as a tariff upgrade from mobile phone operators, to run the blue mobile application. Blue Systems is a BlackBerry Alliance Program member.
blue mobile software is available for 9.95 per month on a rolling monthly contract. Prices exclude exchange fees payable for real-time data direct to exchanges (delayed data and data for non-professionals is often free) and the cost of mobile data payable direct to mobile phone operators.
For details of handset and tariff bundles, click here.