Bluetooth Campaign Drives Footfall

Indian mobile marketing firm TELiBrahma has released the results of a two-week campaign it ran to drive traffic into Banglaore-based mobile phone retailer Sangeetha Mobiles stores, during the companys annual sales period in June.
Customers were segmented based on their phone type, with relevant communications delivered to each customer segment via Bluetooth. Owners of mid-range handsets, for example, were targeted with memory card offers, encouraging them to upgrade their phones memory.
Sangeetha used its existing BluFi network in shopping malls, youth hangouts, restaurants and busy shopping streets. The message delivered to the phone included the address of the nearest Sangeetha store, and prompted recipient to visit the outlet to receive more offers and surprises.
In total, the campaign targeted more than 50,000 users. Over 4,000 consumers visited a Sangeetha store after receiving the promotional message, with footfall increasing by 20 – 150%, with an average 45% increase across all outlets.
Theres more information about the campaign here.