BlueVia Adds BOKU Billing API

Telefónicas developer services scheme BlueVia has partnered with BOKU to implement a global payment API into its API program. 

The new billing API allows developers and merchants to link in-app payments to mobile operator bills without additional authentication.

BlueVia says its BOKU solution will mean there are “fewer barriers to making in-app purchases, delivering a further boost to developer bottom lines”. 

“In-app payment is a hot topic within the developer community, as all the research suggests it can have a high positive impact on revenue,” says José Valles, head of BlueVia. “Mobile operator billing offers a way to charge for goods and services using financial relationships that in some markets are more prevalent than credit cards. Our goal with BlueVia is to create a compelling, unified set of APIs that offers developers a suite of web services that add value across the multiple devices, operating systems and operators in the Telefónica Group. We needed to make sure we chose the correct partner and BOKUs technology is the right answer as it is easy for our developers to implement with the least amount of friction.”

“BlueVia shows how operators can put themselves right in the middle of the mobile applications market,” says James Patmore, BOKUs EMEA MD. “BOKU shares BlueVias commitment to increasing developers revenue by providing them easy to use, professional-grade tools. By augmenting the BlueVia API program with BOKUs operator billing technology, Telefónica, through BlueVia, is opening up a tremendous revenue opportunity to developers all over the world across multiple platforms and operating systems.”