BlueVia Strikes O2 Twitter Deal

BlueVia has revealed that it has integrated with Twitter to enable O2 customers in the UK to interact with Twitter via MMS messaging. The partnership means that O2 customers will be able to share photos on Twitter from any MMS-capable mobile device.

O2 customers can associate their mobile number with their Twitter account on the Twitter website. Once complete, they can share what’s happening around them and send photos to Twitter by sending a message to the shortcode, 86444. Customers are charged at their standard MMS rate. The solution is powered by BlueVia’s MMS API. BlueVia APIs are also available to any third party.

Since BlueVia launched in private beta in late December 2010, it has delivered two platform releases; moved to open beta, adding Movistar Chile and Columbia as customers; launched Android and .NET SDKs; connected the Telefónica Germany app store; introduced BlueVia Labs; and announced partnerships with Microsoft and the Israeli Mobile Association.

Developers can sign up to BlueVia and find out how to integrate app and web services to the Twitter tools available on the platform here.