BMW first to take Snapchats augmented trial Lens for a test drive

BMW has become the first brand to use Snapchat’s latest ad product, the ‘augmented trial’ Lens.

Promoting the new BMW X2 model in North America and Europe, the Lens enables Snapchat users to see a 3D model of the new BMW X2, overlaid onto their camera feed.

They can move around in real space to view the virtual car from every angle, and tap it to change the paint colour. Any snaps taken with this Lens can, as ever, be sent to friends, posted to a Story or saved to Memories to view later.

A Snap ad for BMW will be displayed between friends’ Stories and in the app’s Discover section, inviting the user to swipe up to activate their camera and access the experience. The Lens can also be accessed by scanning a Snapcode.

“Snapchat is young and modern – which suits BMW and the BMW X2 perfectly,” said Jörg Poggenpohl, head of digital marketing at BMW. “We are enriching Snapchat users’ digital experience through content they find appealing, with a high recognition value. We wanted to insert ourselves in an organic way into the Snapchat environment and its users’ world. That is the most meaningful way to address our fans in a style that fits the channel and the target group.”

This isn’t the first partnership between the two companies, or even the first in the X2 campaign. Earlier this month, the car brand ran a Face Lens campaign in Europe that enabled users to virtually paint their face with the same galvanic gold finish as the car. That campaign was viewed over 40m times, with an average engagement time of 24 seconds.