BOKU Launches Carrier Billing with Bouygues and SFR

Online payments firm BOKU has launched direct carrier billing with French carriers Bouygues Telecom and SFR, adding to an existing direct billing agreement with Orange France.

The partnership offers more than 32m additional French customers the ability to pay for digital goods and services using only their existing wireless service account, with the charge appearing on their carrier bill. With this agreement, the company notes, almost all mobile users in France will benefit from BOKU direct carrier billing.

Bouygues Telecom and SFR are launching a new service enabling consumers to buy goods online and use BOKU to pay with their mobile phone number. The service, called Internet + Mobile, allows a fully integrated 2-click purchase process that according to BOKU, results in higher payouts and gives online merchants access to a full range of price points of up to €10.

“France accounts for more than 50m mobile subscribers, and has one of the most advanced online markets in the world,” says BOKU CEO, Mark Britto. “France is already one of BOKU’s top 10 markets, and these new connections will undoubtedly keep them in that category and growing fast.”

MovieStarPlanet isone merchant already taking advantage of the direct carrier billing relationship with SFR and Bouygues Telecom. “Purchasing Starcoins is now even easier, with this partnership powering a safe, secure and convenient direct carrier billing option,” says MovieStarPlanet CEO, Claus Lykke Jensen. “User feedback and increased revenue clearly indicate how much people love the convenience of BOKU to pay via their mobile number. This new partnership will extend that convenience to many more loyal gamers in France.”