Boku Launches Mobile Wallet Service

Boku has launched a mobile wallet service, Boku Accounts, enabling shoppers to buy goods online and in bricks and mortar stores using their mobile handset. The service combines Mastercards PayPass NFC payment system with a mobile app which can be used to transfer money, as well as an NFC sticker, to circumvent the problem of non-compatible handsets. Boku Accounts also offers a Mastercard debit card for non-NFC payments.

“Boku Accounts brings together the best parts of mobile payments and technology, leveraging NFC, smartphones and global payment networks for a better consumer experience,” said Mark Britto, Boku CEO.  “We are leveraging the power of the device in your pocket to improve every transaction you make, anywhere in the world, and helping our mobile phone networking partners expand into the offline world, while bringing tremendous value to their subscribers and merchants alike.”

According to Boku, the system should be up and running in the UK “after Easter”, with the involvement of a major mobile carrier.