Mellie Dennis Publishing has launched the first iPhone application for any of its brands Roger Mellies Profanisaurus app from Viz. Buyers will have access to the full text of Rogers Profanisaurus, which has already sold 120,000 copies. Viz recently celebrated its 30thAnniversary as one of the UKs most popular humour comics and brands. 
Dennis Publishing appointed etv online to repurpose Rogers Profanisaurus probably the worlds rudest and funniest hard-back dictionary, containing over 84,000 rude words and phrases into a bespoke Viz iPhone app with three main options:
The first is Profanity at random, where entries are randomly selected from the Profanisaurus. With a shake of the iPhone or iPod touch, the application will also respond by selecting another entry at random. The second is an A-Z listing of Rogers Profanisaurus. And the third is the ability for users to submit their own entries straight to Viz.
Speaking from his holiday home in the Bavarian Alps, Roger Mellie said:
Since prehistoric times, rudeness has been considered funny. From the stone age man sniggering at a mammoth's pud crudely scrawled on the wall of his cave to the eighteenth century dandy looking up the word knickers in Dr Johnson's dictionary, the pursuit of obscenity has been a basic human need. Now that primitive urge to laugh at coarse material has finally been brought bang up to date. I am honoured that the complete text of my famous swearing dictionary, The Profanisaurus, has at last been made available as an app for users of the iPhone.
With over 10,000 definitions at their fingertips, iPhone owners who invest in this revolutionary and entertaining application will never again find themselves stuck for an apposite mucky term or phrase, whatever the situation. Unless their battery goes flat, in which case they're fu**ed.
The app is available now for 2.99 from the Apple App Store.

David Murphy writes: I once took the paperback version of the Profanisaurus on a skiing holiday and we used to fight over it. One of the rudest, funniest, most offensive books ever written. A treat.