Bolly Good News for Movie Fans

Mobile entertainment company Hungama Mobile is partnering with Actimagine to enable mobile phone users around the world to view Bollywood films on mobile devices. Hungama Mobile has selected Actimagines Mobiclip video codec to deliver DVD-quality 24-frames-per- content, without draining batteries or placing excessive load on the mobiles CPU.
Under the terms of the strategic alliance, Actimagine and Hungama Mobile will first release Bollywood movies worldwide on memory cards, via partnerships with handset manufacturers and through classic retail distribution networks. The two companies will also make the movies available to download through portals such as Hungamas Bollywood portal,, which attracts 11 million users each month.
Bollywood today is the worlds largest movie industry, producing more than 1,000 movies a year, with an audience of more than 2 billion viewers across 127 countries. Indian cinema is now dubbed in over 35 languages and Indian films have made it into the Top 10 charts in markets including the US, the UK, Germany, Australia, Singapore and South Africa.
Hungama Mobile is the largest aggregator, distributor, developer and publisher of Indian entertainment and Bollywood on the digital and mobile platforms. It has worldwide exclusive rights to more than 70% of Bollywood content on mobile and digital platforms.
“Hungama Mobile has pioneered the delivery of Bollywood entertainment content to the world,  and has been instrumental in promoting Bollywood in the wireless world, says Hungama Mobile CEO, Neeraj Roy. From providing music, imagery, video and games, we are now preparing to introduce full-length movies on mobile devices, which offers tremendous promise as a content category for carriers in over 125 countries.”
Actimagine CEO Andr Pagnac adds:
Bollywood is one of the fastest-growing entertainment industry segments, so the deal between Actimagine and Hungama Mobile will appeal not only for the 160 million mobile phone users in India but for markets across all continents that demand a unique user experience.  And as Mobiclip is optimised for mobile platforms, it is the perfect choice for Hungama Mobile to extend the prosperous Bollywood market.