Bolser Launches NFC Hub

Digital agency and mobile app developer Bolser has launched a transactional website at that offers easy access to NFC technology for small businesses and individuals.

Bolser says its aim is to adopt an open standards model, so that the system can be used by as many people as possible and brands and advertisers can trial NFC at low cost.

Brands wishing to run NFC campaigns will be able to buy NFC chips from the site. When the chips are read by an NFC-enabled phone, the phone’s web browser will open and redirect to the URL or URN that is allocated to the NFC chip. The beauty of the system, according to Bolser managing director, Ashley Bolser, is that these redirects can be controlled remotely via a web interface by the advertiser. “The chip could be set to go to a voucher download page one day, and a brand’s Facebook page the next,” he says.

The site has been commissioned by Nokia, but Nokia’s Rupert Englander told Mobile Marketing today that the handset maker preferred to take a ‘Powered by Nokia’ approach to the site, given its open nature, rather than launch it as a Nokia-branded initiative.

He added that the company is currently in conversation with a number of brands with the aim of launching the site at the end of July with a number of live campaigns. “We want to launch it with some momentum, rather than just the odd campaign here and there,” he told Mobile Marketing.