Boohooman turns to AR for Hack Friday campaign

Men’s fashion retailer Boohooman has launched its first augmented reality campaign for Black Friday campaign. The ‘Hack Friday’ campaign features digital character and ‘hacker’ Robin, who who has infiltrated the world of fashion to offer up unexpected discounts for all consumers. 

The character features on a number of billboards and fly posters in the UK and the US. Each contains a QR code which upon scanning will open the AR experience where the hacker comes to life and reveals additional offers to the customer. These offers will be on top of site promos, offering additional discounts to customers.

“Our aim was to lift traditional billboard spaces by utilising augmented reality alongside the cyber hacking revolution,” said Head of Ecommerce at boohooMAN, Victoria Pearson. “This campaign is the first of a number of digital projects we are working on to provide more value to customers long term.”