Book a Room on Your Mobile

Media Delivery Technologies (Mdtec) has launched the launch of HotelMate, a mobile application which enables users to book rooms in more than 71,000 hotels globally in more than 20 languages via their mobile phone.
Simple to use navigation techniques quickly guide the user through the selection and booking functions, including secure credit or debit card authorisations, while user preferences filter search requests on the handset, resulting in quicker and cheaper results delivery.
A partnership with enables HotelMate to be offered as a free branded app to hotel chains and independent operators, enabling any hotel to offer its clients a mobile booking application. The only requirement is that the hotel must be listed with
Because the application was designed for white labelling its very quick and easy to deliver the branded versions, says Mdtec Managing Director, David Barnes. Whats more, these can be delivered in only seven to 10 days. These versions are free to the hotel and there are no additional commissions or other costs.
HotelMate also incorporates Mdtecs AdMate advertising engine, which delivers targeted ads to end users. For branded versions, the hotel automatically has access to AdMate to promote special events or offers.
HotelMate is available as a free download here.