Bookatable Introduces Mobile Payment with PayPal

bookatable-split_the_billRestaurant marketplace Bookatable has introduced mobile payments to its reservation booking app, enabling users to instantly pay for their meals using their mobile device at selected restaurants.

The new functionality is powered by partnerships with PayPal and MyCheck, and marks the first app in the UK to combine booking and payment for restaurants, with the aim of dramatically streamlining the payment process at restaurants.

The option will initially be available at Busaba Eathai Thai restaurants as well as a number of other major brands, and will be rolled out to more than 200 sites within a month, and more than 500 by the end of the summer.

MyChecks mobile payment technology has been integrated into the app, enabling users to add tips, pay for the entire bill or split it with others via PayPal or cards registered to a MyCheck account. The app then delivers a receipt via email.

Bookatable has been involved in a number of partnerships aimed at expanding its apps capabilities, most recently partnering with Hailo to enable users to book a taxi ready for their departure from a restaurant.

“The introduction of the Pay-At-Table technology has already brought about a fundamental change in consumer behaviour within the restaurant space, with high profile chains such as Busaba Eathai utilising the technology to maximise convenience and speed for both themselves and their customers,” said Joe Steele, CEO of Bookatable.

“The function of being able to pay through a mobile device at the table not only increase loyalty and customer engagement, it also boosts revenues through capitalising on an increased number of table covers and allows restaurants to spend more time on customer service that would have otherwise been spent preparing the receipt; something which Booktable are committed to ensuring our restaurant partners are provided with.”