Bookshlf to launch monetisation programme for creators

Gabby Fernie

Bookshlf, the digital content platform built on curation, today introduces a new revenue stream for content curators. 

Described as 'Instagram for articles', Bookshlf is a first-of-its-kind website and app for organizing, curating, and sharing content via digital Shelves. 

It enables users to build personalised collections of media based on their expertise and passions. Shelves across various categories include 'Work & Entrepreneurship', 'Asian American Food History' and 'Beautiful Essays About Nature'. Curators have included food historian and writer, Sarah Wassberg Johnson, and leading engineer in aerospace history, Kate Gunderson.

Bookshlf also allows content curators to feature any media format (articles, videos, podcasts, playlists, books, and more).

The platform is piloting its monetisation programme with 50 members of its curator community. Digital creators (authors, journalists, podcasters, content creators, academics, artists, musicians and more) can apply to join the monetisation programme, and their Bookshlf activity will be reviewed by the editorial team for quality, originality and thoughtfulness.

Posts from curators that are opted into the program will feature a “tip jar” to allow tips of up to $10 (£7.22). 

Bookshlf is also partnering with a variety of charitable organisations, starting with 501CTHREE, which will curate content that informs the public about water scarcity, climate change, and other issues. Through tipping, the Bookshlf community can seamlessly support their cause.

"Facing an overwhelming amount of content and an overreliance on compromised social media platforms, we launched Bookshlf for a more meaningful and intentional digital media experience” said Bookshlf CEO and Co-Founder, Mike Abend. “We wanted to express a side of the content world that didn't exist elsewhere based on unique taste and expertise, and we quickly developed a cult following of users who didn’t fit into traditional social media - content curators. We're excited to empower this new form of content creation.”