boomApp Brings Interactivity to Video Content

boomappboomApp, a video recognition startup has launched its platform in the UK that enables interactive functionality on video content.

Using the boomApp platform, brands can put links into their video content so that when a user sees the video and the associated call to action, they can scan the video with the boomApp app to be taken to whatever content or destination the brand has chosen to link the video to, such as an eCommerce site to buy the advertised product, for example.

“Video is the future of online and offline content,” said boomApp CEO and co-founder, Joao Da Maia Jorge. “By offering brands the tools to create micro-moments of instant engagement with their customers, our technology leads to consistently and repeatedly more engaging interactions. The current ecosystem feels like the smartphone market before the iPhone. The opportunities are immense.”

Kia, Carte D’Or and Volkswagen are among the brands to have used boomApp to date. Salvador Cardoso Pinto, head of digital at KIA said: “boomApp enabled KIA to engage with customers through a competition and promote the new Sportage in a dynamic and exciting new way by bridging offline campaign assets to an online experience. boomApp´s technology has leveraged KIA’s communication to the next level.”