Boomerang Teams Up with Optevia

SMS specialist Boomerang has signed a partnership agreement with Optevia, the public sector customer relationship management consultants.

Optevia delivers enterprise technology solutions to fire and rescue, public transport and central and local government organisations. Under the terms of the agreement with Boomerang, the company will act as a reseller for Boomerang’s patented application-to-person SMS technology, which enables the mobile device of customers, prospects or staff to engage in concurrent two-way text message conversations with an automated system that can uniquely pair inbound responses to the original messages.

Boomerang and Optevia will work together to deliver innovative solutions that are designed to improve business processes and drive down communication costs. For example, Optevia will be able to offer public transport executives the opportunity to automate parts of the transport timetable process via text message.

“Building solutions which allow instant and direct communication between staff and customers naturally creates a more effective working environment,” says Boomerang CEO, Martin Perminas. “There is significant scope for this new, innovative and unique technology, as there are a large number of business processes that can be automated and accelerated through the use of intelligent SMS. I’m delighted to be partnering with Optevia, and together we will take our solution to tackle the business process problems and communication challenges of major UK public sector organisations.”

Optevia managing director Tim Vernon believes the combination of the company’s public sector variants of Microsoft’s Dynamic CRM package and Boomerang’s SMS solution will help the firm’s public sector customers both save money and improve customer service. He says: “We have received great interest from the local authority and fire service markets, both of which are looking to use SMS messaging to both communicate effectively with their customers and ensure appointments are confirmed, without the risk of sending staff on unnecessary or unwanted visits to people’s homes.”