Boomerang Unveils Boommail SMS Solution

Boomerang SMS Solutions has unveiled Boommail, a new offering enabling businesses to use two-way SMS technology from the desktop. Boommail enables users to send and receive multiple text messages via Microsoft Outlook at the click of a button. Boommail says the patent-pending email SMS solution is the first of its kind to allow two-way communication by SMS without the need for costly inbound numbers. 

Distribution of the software is centrally managed, to facilitate instant and inexpensive roll-out to a widespread user base. This not only offers businesses the opportunity to instantly communicate with both customers and colleagues, says Boomerang, but also provides an organisation with a comprehensive audit trail, status tracking, user control and detailed reporting, ensuring compliance and generating quantifiable time and cost savings for any business.

“Many organisations continue to plough money into technologies such as mobile apps that they believe will improve customer interaction. However, this is a costly approach and is often limited to just iPhone, Blackberry and other Smartphone users, which also rely on the customer to download software to facilitate its use,” says Boomerang Managing Director, Peter Tanner. “The use of SMS socially has continued to grow exponentially and similar growth is evident at business level, as people have come to prefer a more succinct and less invasive method of communication that allows for a response at a time that is convenient to the recipient. A product such as Boommail helps to increase the capacity for usage, whilst generating high level response rates as a result of its instantaneous nature.”

Boommail enables text messages to be delivered from the desktop into the hands of the recipient, irrespective of location or mobile device. The solution integrates with all versions of Microsoft Outlook, allowing staff to distribute multiple text messages from an email account in seconds. Once installed, Boommail streams information from Outlook, merging with both Microsoft and Active Directory contacts, to provide users with instant communication to key recipients such as customers, staff, suppliers, contractors, engineers and bespoke groups that have been created within a user’s address book.

In addition, Boommail’s administration capability enables multi-level, permission-based control across the organisation, together with a full audit trail, to ensure the solution is used effectively based on each person’s role within the organisation and their need for communication via SMS.