Borders Hails Mobile Success

Books and music retailer Borders has announced encouraging results from its first mobile marketing campaign, carried out by Magnet Harlequin.
Borders distributes a monthly newsletter with exclusive offers to its database of 480,000 customers across the UK. In order to redeem these offers, consumers previously had to print the vouchers off and take them in store. This month, for the first time, consumers were able to have the offers sent to their mobile phones. 69% of respondents said yes to mobile vouchers. In addition, 50% of these customers also opted-in to receive future offers from Borders Mobile.
Scott Seaborn, Head of Technology at Magnet Harlequin, says mobile marketing is changing the promotional landscape and challenging perceptions of how to engage with consumers:
“We know that mobile technology has so much to offer promotional marketing” says Seaborn. “One of our key tenets for retail and mobile is to drive footfall, and we knew that a high profile, innovative retailer like Borders would be able to make the most of mobile marketing as a way of bringing consumers in store.”
Laura Stafford, CRM and Online Manager at Borders adds:
“We are delighted with the redemption figures. They have far exceeded our expectations. One offer in particular achieved a 19% redemption, double that of the printed voucher alternative. To achieve 15% of net sales through Borders Mobile in just one campaign means that we are really connecting with our consumers.”
Borders is now planning more mobile promotions with Magnet Harlequin.