Boris Bikes Hit By O2 Outage

The impact of the O2 service outage is stretching beyond O2 customers. Mobile Marketing has learned that several Transport for London cycle docking stations for the capital’s ‘Boris Bikes’ have been wiped out by the outage.

I tried to hire a cycle at Liverpool Street station this morning, but was greeted by a ‘Terminal Disconnected’ message. A call to Transport for London confirmed that a number of docking stations are out of action, though not all of them. Those that are out of action are out of action both for casual, pay as you go users, and keyholding members.

TfL also told us that users who were able to hire a bike would be able to dock bikes at a free dock, even if the dock was currently disconnected. The fact that the bike has been docked will be registered when the docks come back online. We asked if the usual £100 fine applied to users who don’t return the bike within 24 hours would be applied if the service outage continues, and were told that this was highly unlikely.

Meanwhile, the latest Status Update, posted at 10am this morning, reads:
“We can confirm that our 2G network service has now been restored. Customers who were affected should now be able to make and receive calls. Our 3G service is starting to restore and customers should expect to see a gradual return of data services as the day progresses. Customers affected may wish to try switching their mobile phones off and on as service returns. We are sorry again for the inconvenience this has caused some customers and can provide reassurance that we continue to deploy all possible resources, and will do so until full service is restored.”