Boss Revolution Launches Free App for International Calls

boss revolutionInternational calling service Boss Revolution has launched its free mobile app for iOS and Android, enabling UK customers to make convenient, affordable international calls.

Boss Revolution customers can use the app to make international calls with a single touch straight from their existing phone contacts, as well as creating favourite lists for even fasting dialling. Calls can be made over wi-fi or using data or minutes plans, with rates as low as £0.005 per minute.

New users will receive a £1 free trial, worth up to 200 minutes, while those who already have an account with Boss Revolution will receive £0.50 credit onto their current balance, and the app will automatically sync with their account.

“Some calling application have restrictions that can limit how and when they are used,” said Sammy Netzer, sales director for IDT Retail Europe. “With Boss Revolution, there are no hidden fees and unused balanced never expire. That means you can make a low cost international call anytime and never worry about unwanted surprises.”