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Boston Processes $1m of Mobile Tickets in Seven Weeks

Alex Spencer

Masabi's JustRide mTicketing system has processed more than $1m for Boston’s MBTA in the seven weeks since it was introduced across its transport system. 

With more than 100,000 tickets sold, the platform represents nearly 10 per cent of all ticket sales on the network.

Passengers can use the MBTA mTicket apps to buy tickets, which are then displayed on their screen as a QR code, and as a human readable ticket, for inspection.

“While early into the rollout, the app has exceeded expectations and the growth we are seeing is phenomenal,” said MBTA director of innovation Joshua Robin. “We are revolutionising how riders buy and use tickets on the commuter rail. Customers love the feeling of being able to purchase a ticket anywhere, anytime.”

Masabi says it is in conversation with a number of other transit agencies worldwide to bring JustRide to further markets in the near future.