Bouygues Telecom Selects Openwave

French mobile operator Bouygues Telecom has selected Openwave Systems traffic management solution to manage and optimise its network traffic. Openwaves traffic management solution will monitor and dynamically control a diverse range of IP (TCP- and UDP-based) data flows within the Bouygues mobile network. Openwave says its monitoring features will enable Bouygues Telecom to obtain better insights into network usage patterns and help the operator to define and anticipate new subscriber behaviours. Openwaves traffic management solution will also allow Bouygues Telecom to offer a variety of tiered subscriber plans that reflect actual usage. 
Using Openwaves traffic management solution, Bouygues Telecom will be able to apply a policy for each subscriber initiated IP session, including access control based on destination IP and port of content or application being request; access control based on subscriber plan/level of service; source/destination network address translation (NAT); and monitoring of predefined time and volume session limits. The Openwave traffic management solution will also allow information to be logged on each IP session to enable hot-billing based on duration and volume consumed.
As data demand continues to increase, and bandwidth-intensive services gain in popularity but also in complexity, we needed a solution to dynamically manage our network traffic and provide us with a greater element of control and tuning, says Thibaut Keraval, who heads up the Mobile Services Solutions team at Bouygues Telecom. Openwaves traffic management solution will help us to optimise the Smartphone traffic on our network and ultimately offer our subscribers more personalised service plans with flexible pricing.