Boy George becomes a sat nav voice for Pride Month

Boy George will be the voice of navigation app, Waze throughout June, to celebrate Pride Month and mark the LGBTQIA+ community’s ongoing fight for visibility and acceptance. 

Tea Time with Boy George allows users to activate Georges voice navigation on the app. Rather than turn left, turn right, and traffic ahead, Boy George will guide drivers with catchphrases like “passion over fashion”, “life is about learning to be who you are”, and “every day is like survival, you’re the driver, not my rival!”

As part of the Boy George experience, Waze users can activate a ‘Car-ma Chameleon’ or ‘Goldsmobile’ icon to mark their car on the map and choose one of four Boy George-inspired ‘moods’ that replicate his memorable looks and expression.

George has also curated a special Pride playlist users can stream seamlessly as they drive, through the Waze Audio Player.

Each track has been selected to celebrate acceptance, freedom of expression, and love, while following Boy George’s golden rule: “listen to the music you love; passion always eclipses whats fashionable.”

To turn on the theme Waze users simply need to go to settings and click ‘Drive with Boy George’.