Brainlabs partners with Talon for digital OOH

Brainlabs, an independent digital media agency has struck a deal with independent out-of-home (OOH) media specialists, Talon to extend its media reach into digital out-of-home (DOOH) environments for the first time. 

The partnership debuted with Brainlabs’ first ever OOH campaign for Pret A Manger’s Click and Collect services in Manchester. 

By partnering with Talon, Brainlabs will incorporate Talon’s data management platform, Ada and its proprietary DSP, Atlas into its tech stack for enhanced OOH activity. 

This is in response to an anticipated 57 per cent increase in DOOH ad spend in 2021, according to the WARC Expenditure Report. 

With Ada’s first-party data, Brainlabs will be able to build audiences based on consumers real and recent behaviours that are bespoke to individual clients, brands, or products. Brainlabs will also use Ada to measure campaign effectiveness by tracking footfall and store visits. These unique data sets will enable Brainlabs to plan digital OOH placements programmatically via Talon’s DSP, Atlas. 

“We are super excited about our new partnership with Talon to buy DOOH campaigns and to use their proprietary DSP, Atlas” said Global Chief Product Officer at Brainlabs, Mark Syal. “We are a digital agency that works across all channels to drive growth for our clients businesses. As more and more media become digitised, we can use our focussed approach to measuring effectiveness and our Test and Earn approach in more channels. We look forward to expanding the value that we deliver for clients to digital out of home, together with Talon.”