Brand safety risk on desktop is on the decline in the UK

Tyrone Stewart

Desktop userBrand safety risk on desktop is continuing to fall in the UK, while there has also been a decrease in the brand safety risk linked to violence.

According to measurement and analytics company Integral Ad Science’s (IAS) H1 2017 report, UK desktop brand safety risk has fallen from 7.8 per cent in H2 2016 to 6.8 per cent in H1 2017. Meanwhile, the brand safety risk linked to violence has decreased by 29.4 per cent from H2 2016.

“The findings from our H1 2017 Media Quality Report further highlight that with industry attention and proactive measures, improvements in brand safety can be made,” said Nick Morley, EMEA MD at Integral Ad Science. “This can be seen in the reduction of brand safety risk linked with violent content, due to a greater industry awareness around extremist content and work undertaken to put controls in place. Brand safety, ad fraud and viewability should form part of a holistic view of buying and selling media to identify and reduce wastage, thereby ensuring the most efficient media plan.”

By contrast, in the US, violence accounts for 30 per cent or more of all risky impressions across desktop and video. Furthermore, the brand safety risk increased by 20.2 per cent from H2 2016 within global desktop video to 10.7 per cent in H1 2017, and the risk for global web impressions was found to be at 8.5 per cent – with higher risk in adult and violent content categories.