Branding Trumps Traffic in Millenial Ad Network

Millennial Media has issued its first Millennial Monthly report, for January 2011. The report notes key trends and stats from advertiser campaigns in Millennial’s mobile ad network.

In January, 13 per cent of advertisers used rich media creative, while 10 per cent of campaigns used three or more targeting methods. Local targeting grew 15 per cent compared to December 2010, while app impressions grew 35 per cent.

The top three campaign goals, in order, were to build brand awareness, drive traffic and to get consumers to join/download/buy something. (Interesting that brand awareness beats driving traffic – Ed).

The top 10 advertiser categories were:

  1. Mocial (Mobile/Social)
  2. Entertainment
  3. Messaging
  4. Weather
  5. Sports
  6. News & Information
  7. Education & Employment
  8. Business & Finance
  9. Health & Fitness
  10. Books & Reference