Brands Go Back to School with vYam

Regulus Communications is aiming to increase the reach of brands among US students with the launch of the vYam Video Project Scene Center, an add-on to the company’s YAMweb Classroom Community e-publishing programme, writes Martin Conway.

YAMweb comprises a private, secure, web-based communications service, similar to a social networking format, which can be accessed and used, via PC or mobile, by parents, students, teachers and schools, and which provides links to student writers’ literary works. Tutors who wish to involve their classes in creative writing, science- and maths-based video e-publishing projects can use vYam as a central archive of ‘video scenes’ for students to download and incorporate as they wish. The completed video projects are then published across the internet and shared with other schools, and can be converted to play on mobile devices.

vYam also offers companies the opportunity to sponsor various project scenes, giving them a chance to incorporate their brands into the final cut. As Jane A. Austin, YAMweb community administrator puts it: “A scene center for students to use in their video projects is an excellent resource for mobile kids and an excellent vehicle to showcase brand images on mobile devices.”

In effect, these brands would be recognisable whenever scenes are downloaded and used for projects and reviewed by students, as well as when the completed projects make it onto the internet.