Brands and telcos must join forces to deliver omnichannel experience, says CMO Council

Tyrone Stewart

Brands and communications service providers must team up in order to fulfil their shared vision of delivering a relevant omnichannel experience for customers, according to the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council.

A survey of more than 250 brand and telco marketing leaders, conducted by the Council, found that 80 per cent of brand marketers, as of the first half of 2017, say that they are either extremely, very or increasingly reliant on global customer connectivity, secure digital communications, real-time customer interaction and multi-channel content delivery.

Almost half of non-telco marketers surveyed see a potential leadership role for communications service providers to give brands an optimised framework for omnichannel engagement. Meanwhile, 56 per cent of telco industry marketers believe that non-telco companies are outperforming telco operators and communications service providers in delivering an omnichannel experience.

On top of this, just four per cent of subscriber-reliant telco companies believe they are giving customers a consistent and relevant omnichannel experience by leveraging persistence of information, respecting of privacy, and aligning the business needs with IT. On the other hand, only one per cent of non-telco marketers say they have they have a complete omnichannel management (OCM) model in place.

Taking onboard their feelings, 50 per cent of telcos have partnered with non-telco brands on marketing and promotional campaigns, with nearly 70 per cent of these reporting a positive relationship.