Brazilian iPad Newspaper Nears Break-Even in One Month

Andy Penfold

A free iPad newspaper in Brazil has enjoyed financial success within one month of launch. Brasil 247 launched earlier in March, and is nearing its break-even point through ad revenue already. 

Published twice daily and using the WoodWing Tablet Publishing Solution and Content Delivery System, Brasil 247 was set up by Brazilian journalists Leonardo Attuch and Joaquim Castanheira. 

"The acceptance by the readers and their feedback has surprised us a great deal," says Attuch, CEO and editor-in-chief. "Brasil 247 was the number 1 app in the Brazilian App Store over a one-week period, and we've received very positive response to our project, developed in a partnership with Epyx, WoodWing Gold Solution Partner in Brazil."

Brasil 247 covers news, views, and analysis, and reports on technological, economic, social, cultural and environmental issues. At the weekend, the reader is offered a lifestyle magazine called Oasis.

"It is interesting to see that our app has a large number of downloads from the United States," says Attuch. "Some readers are even comparing our product to The Daily. They appreciate that Brasil 247 is free and can be shared 100 per cent via Twitter, Facebook and email."

The publication is put together by 25 people, supported by external staff who can remotely access Enterprise, WoodWing's cross-media publishing system. The project is initially funded by the Attuch and Castanheira. 

"Brasil 247 demonstrates the cost-efficiency of tablet publishing," says Steve Schaffran, general Manager of WoodWing Latin America. "This will show even more clearly when Brasil 247 moves to multiplatform support, including the Android and HTML5 versions."

According to app download statistics, there are about 200,000 tablets in use in Brazil.