Bridgewater and Mformation Partner for WiMAX Solution

Bridgewater Systems and Mformation Technologies have announced the integration of Mformation Service Manager with Bridgewaters service control and subscriber data management solution. As a result of this integration, the companys say WiMAX operators will be able to automatically detect, provision and manage WiMAX devices over the air using industry-standard IP and OMA DM protocols, thereby reducing service introduction costs, enabling new flexible supply channels for WiMAX devices, and immediate subscriber access to WiMAX services. This integrated solution is being implemented with a Tier 1 WiMAX service provider in North America.
The Bridgewater solution features a real-time subscriber data management capability which can share dynamic data such as location, presence, IP address, roaming status, and registration status with Mformation Service Manager. This dynamic subscriber context enables the device management platform to configure and upgrade the device with a zero-touch operation for both new and existing subscribers, reducing operating expenses and accelerating service adoption.
When new WiMAX devices register with the network, Mformation Service Manager detects the new device and calls the Bridgewater solution to resolve the device IP identity. The Bridgewater solution then provides key subscriber information to Mformations OMA DM-based device management server, triggering over-the-air activation, provisioning and management of the service on the device. Subsequent device management activities, such as firmware updates, are also supported.
The Bridgewater solution allows Mformation Service Manager to register those devices that require updates, monitors when these devices access the network in real time, and notifies Mformation Service Manager to initiate an automatic update. The integration provides a scalable means of initiating any provisioning or management actions with any WiMAX device on the network and facilitates the seamless management of a wide range of devices over WiMAX and other all-IP networks.
WiMAX brings to subscribers an unprecedented freedom to choose the devices they want and to buy them where they prefer, says Monica Paolini, President of Senza Fili Consulting. For WiMAX operators, the choice in subscriber devices translates to the need to manage a higher number of devices that cannot be pre-provisioned by the operator. We also expect that new subscribers will want to activate service as they plug in their device, without calling the operator or visiting its store, and expect the process to be transparent and fast.
WiMAX services promise to enhance the mobile Internet, allowing users broadband access to advanced data applications and personal content from anywhere on any WiMAX-enabled device. Mformation Service Manager for WiMAX enables mobile operators and service providers to remotely activate, configure, diagnose, update, secure and manage WiMAX-capable devices through all phases of their lifecycle, ensuring a seamless service experience for WiMAX customers.
Mobile device management and subscriber data management platforms are critical enablers of a seamless subscriber experience in an increasingly complex mobile environment that includes WiMAX and other next generation IP-based networks, says Mformation Chief Marketing Officer, Matt Bancroft. The integration of the Bridgewater Systems service control solution and Mformation Service Manager is a critical step in ensuring the success of new WiMAX-based device and service initiatives at our mobile operator and service provider customers around the world.